Gaiatree- Yoga for everybody.

Gaiatree Foundation is certified by YAI (Yoga Alliance International)

Since December 2015, our Gaiatree Foundation is now recognized internationally and a member of the YAI - Yoga Alliance International http://yogaalliance.in/
Over one year our teachers, management, curricula, the organization and implementation of training were examined and finally found to be good. On December 14, 2015, the Gaiatree Foundation was presented the certificate of appreciation. Thus are now 200/500 hours yoga teacher training recognized worldwide.

Gaiatree yoga is for everyone.

No matter if you are ill or weak, young or well advanced in years, irrespective of your faith and believes, gender, nationality, or social background: You can succeed in yoga if you practice with focus. If you are new to yoga, welcome! Yoga can change your life. If you are ill it can help you feel better. Are you depressed, anxious, tired, or addicted? Do you suffer from back pain? Yoga can bring you relief. Regular practice can also be beneficial for persons with chronic problems such as arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, high or low blood pressure. In yoga, the understanding of health differs from western medicine. The holistic approach includes emotional wellbeing, mental resistance, joy, and spiritual growth. We work on a mental level, which has an effect on the body. You stretch and strengthen your muscles, which effects blood circulation, digestion, and breathing. You strengthen and calm your neural system.

Gaiatree-Yoga as therapeutic yoga.

This is not a usual yoga class. In fact, if you have a medical condition and attend a randomly picked yoga class you might suffer more than before. In some way, therapeutic yoga is comparable to an appointment with your physiotherapist or as rehab time rather than an actual yoga class. For people with serious medical conditions, yoga therapy is usually offered as an individual class or in small groups.

Therapeutic yoga is gentle and nurturing even though it can be a challenge, too. Our focus is on body perception and body posture, which lead to a relaxed and rhythmic breathing when combined with movement. Participants are taught how to perceive subtle sensations of their muscles or joints, organs, as well the inner experience of the mind. Furthermore, there is a strong emphasis on relaxation. The approach is individual and tailored to every participant’s needs, capabilities, and reactions. The teacher/therapist observes the students’ practice and determines contraindications.

In the beginning of yoga practice, every participant is invited to an extensive conversation. In the end, every student is provided with an individually tailored sequence of exercises, techniques and rules of conduct to implement in daily life. Regular consultations are part of the exercise plan.

Mike Narada talks about Gaiatree Yoga and TTC

Vipassana– see things as they really are.

Vipassana is one of the most ancient Indian meditation techniques. Being lost for humanity for a long time, it was rediscovered by Gautam the Buddha over 2,500 years ago.

Vipassana means to see things as they really are. It is the process of self purification through self observation. It begins with the observation of the natural breath in order to concentrate the mind. With keen awareness, you observe the changing nature of body and mind and experience the universal truths of impermanence, suffering, and nonexistence of the ego. This recognition of truth through direct experience is the process of purification. The entire way is a universal remedy for universal problems and does not have to do anything with organized religion or sectarianism. For this reason, it can be practiced by everyone, at any time, in any place.

Gaiatree Yoga and Vipassana

The unique connection of Gaiatree Yoga (Yoga sutra) and Vipassana (Sattipathana Sutra) extends the popular concept of Hatha yoga as a physical discipline to a strong therapeutic and spiritual dimension. It is a yoga of self realization. The practitioner develops effective techniques that he or she can easily integrate in everyday life. This way, the unaware powers of the restless mind are harmonized and emotional conflicts solved.

What do you get out of Gaiatree yoga and meditation?

- Discover a changed body perception.
- Eat consciously and healthily.
- Refill your energy while breathing.
- Improve stamina and health.
- Relax in any situation.
- Achieve stress relief in everyday life.
- Increase your ability to concentrate.
- Find inner calm and peace.

Practice yoga and do good – Karma Yoga

The charitable organization Gaiatreeschool supports educational projects in Odisha/North India. By participating in our courses you support the organization’s work.


Telephone: 0049/ 1575 8919638
E-Mail: mike.wohne@gmail.com

Founder: Mike Narada- Teaching Yoga is an art of living

Mike Narada is German and he has been living in India since 2009. As co-founder of Gaiatreeschool Foundation and the Vishwanedam Ashram (from Sanskrit: where the universe grow) in the center of Odisha, he has been involved for many years for the rights of Adivasi / tribal people. Yoga and Vipassana has been an integral part in his life for more than 20 years.
For the last six years, he has led the Buddhism Mahabodhi Yoga High School in Leh / Ladakh in Himalaya. Every year, up to 3.000 students join in his inspiring yoga and meditation classes, in 3.500 meters above sea level. His yoga classes are well structured and are testimony of a sound knowledge and basic experience.
Before I began teaching yoga, I worked as teacher in a highschool and as school founder. I’m a child of the peaceful revolution in the east part of Germany in 1989. This time conditioned me for the rest of my life. Since childhood I had a dream, a great desire. I wanted travel to India. The GDR (German Democratic Republic) was a communist country and they defend themselves with a fence. Citizens could not move outside.
The “physically liberation” came with the peaceful revolution and onward I started step by step my spiritual life. My first visit to India in 1993, was the beginning. At the same time I found the school network SCHKOLA in the political triangle German/ Czech/ Poland. Integral education in a wholesome way is the main purpose of teaching young children’s, the new generation and the only way for changing our world. The input for this came to me from insight, from intuition.

If I arrived Delhi, and when I touched the Indian earth I felt like “back home”. From now onward we spent most of our holidays and travelled together with my wife Anke and our daughter Katja in Bharata (Sanskrit- India). In India I came in contact with Yoga and started the fist level: Practising hatha yoga.
In subsequent years, I fulfilled my duties and filled my roles as husband, father, teacher, and managing director as best as I could, without losing contact to yoga. Much more strengthened was my longing, to learn more about and practice Yoga. I attended a Yoga- Vidya – Teacher- Training course, completed several studies and yoga retreats and attend numerous regulations. Gradually began the second phase: Sadhana, with more determination and focus on individual areas of yoga. I realized more and more that yoga is not only the practice of asanas. Breathing exercises and kriya became a daily practice and so
I felt that yogic lifestyle (yama / niyama/ asana/ pranayama/ dharana) influenced and touched all other areas of my life. 2009 finally, I decided to tread my way in yoga even more concentrated and we went along with my wife for three years to India. It was the second transformation for me, after the “physically liberation” in 1989. With this decision the third step starts: Yoga lifestyle- bhakti Yoga. Yoga as a life lesson also includes responsibility and compassion for others (karma Yoga). In this way we created together with Ananta, a good Indian friend, the Gaiatree Foundation and the Gaiatreeschool in Odisha. Friends from home helped us with implementation and financing. In Leh, we started at the same time with the Buddhist Mahabodhi the Yoga- Highschool and a little later arose in Banbourtong / Northern Thailand a meditation retreat centre. In the year of 2014 with friends from home we found the German non profit organisation “Gaiatreeschool e.V.”. An object of this association is the spread of Yoga in all its aspects, tradition and shapes.
This is my wish, my duty my life, my happiness and joy. Om Shanti! I thank you expressly and wholeheartedly on all of my teachers, masters and gurus. Thanks to my wife Anke, who has always supported me and all my friends, who have accompanied me on my yoga- way and support.
May all beings be happy, may all beings be peaceful, and may all beings be liberated.

Yoga: Do good for yourself and help others

For all courses: 10 per cent of the course fees will be donated to the Foundation Gaiatreeschool.

current offers in Germany- December 2012

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