Ananta: founder
Ananta: Dream Orissa
Mitglieder der Comuniy
Viswaneedam is a community in ‘quest for truth’.

People around the world, who want to lead a life in quest for truth, are invited to Vishwaneedam to join our community. The guiding principle that is applicable to everyone in equal measure is sincerity with oneself. Here everybody contributes as per one’s capacity but consumes as per one’s need.

In the world, there are many divisions based on religion, race, ethnicity, nation, community, culture, politics etc. We refuse to live by these divisions and would like to live a collective life, thus serving as a living example for the world.

Of course, Vishwaneedam is also part of this world and has to face its problems. That is, we are not trying to run away from the world. We would rather like to show to the world that irrespective of our apparent divisions, there are elements of unity deep inside every single one of us.

We believe that our actions in Vishvaneedam will also influence the world in one way or another. And we clearly see that, even if a single individual lives in Viswaneedam in ‘quest for truth’ with honesty and sincerity to oneself, it will have a far reaching positive impact in the world.

Members of the comunity

left to right:

Shestadev and son Ram, Mita his wife, Anu wife of Mahadev, Mahadevv and son Jishnu, Ananta, Twinkle with son Evan and in front Ramparasad (adopted by Ananata and Twinkle)

Commitment in the surrounding villages

Vishwaneedam community is surrounded by many villages, where there is a lack of quality basic education and health care. Hence, while trying to build a community in ‘quest for truth’ at Vishwaneedam, we also feel that there is need for our engagement with the surrounding villages in a constructive manner. Hence one unit (Rural Unit) at Vishwaneedam would look after this aspect.

As part of our engagement with the surrounding villages for their overall development we propose to engage in the areas of basic education, primary health care, livelihood issues and preservation of the local environment.

a- We propose to involve the villagers for ensuring basic quality education and basic quality primary health care. In this context we also intend to organize free health camps for villagers from time to time to spread awareness of health and hygiene and also to cater to their health care needs.

b- We propose to start some livelihood projects to provide vocational training catering to the local needs. Self Help Groups (SHGs) would be created to strengthen the people’s financial conditions. We also propose to create institutional mechanisms within these villages to finance their businesses and help with marketing their products.

c- Environmental preservation would be an important aspect of our engagement with the villagers. Thus we look forward to involve the villagers to grow a sense of community spirit by involving them in various collaborative efforts like: wasteland reclamation, watershed management and environmental regeneration.

In all these engagements our effort would be: not only to involve the villagers in an active manner but also to make these initiatives self-sustaining in the long run.
October 02 2010


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