Shashi- becomes a teacher

Ich heiße Shashi ...

For a year the 23 years, just 1.60 small Shashireka Putel (short Shashi), workes at the Gaiatreeschool and taught in English, Math, Oriya and Yoga. The last name Putel know attention to the caste of a farming family. Together with her seven years younger twin siblings she grew up in a small village in western Odishas. Her biggest wish is to become a teacher and she works it ambitious and determined. Since the age of 16 she met mostly alone (in India are known as distance courses / distance learning quite common) and has financed everything out of pocket.
Now she Studie on graduation (similar to our high school). This entitles to "Bachelor of Education - BoE)". So she wants to fulfill a lifelong dream. The two-year distance course is about 18,000 Rupee (2300 Euro). In her native village she gave after DONE fieldwork tuition for young people. After all, she could earn as nearly 3000 Rupee (40 Euro) per month.
In the summer 2015 and 2016 , she was in Ladakh in northern India for a Yoga Teacher Training Course. Here she has to learned how to prepare a yoga class, structured lessons, to give and evaluate. She helped out in the reception, analyzed on a computer and reported and performed as a travel companion groups in the area. Your initial excitement quickly gave way. Your good English allowed a smooth communication with the foreigners. In the end she alone gave the beginner - classe, Meditation and pranayama lessons and she taught in HIndi and Mantra.

Yoga Camp in Radjastah September 2019

Yoga Worshop for children of age group 6 to 13 years started at Rajkiya Uchh Madyamik Vidyalaya, Meja, Mandal, Rajasthan. Thanks to the support of Priyamvada Singh we have started our journey at the rustic environs of Rajasthan’s Meja village. Hoping to work together with the villagers in more activities.

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