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"A valuable experience" Monika and Eik from Swizerland jojned in Januar 2019

Our very first yoga meditation retreat and it was a great experience. You never know what to expect, but we were really happy. Mike is a great yoga teacher and has been able to teach us a lot these days, which we would like to keep in our lives. In addition to yoga and meditation, we also learned a lot about the background of yoga, which was interesting. With Shashi we even learned to write a few words in Sanskrit. The location is also beautifully located in the countryside, where we were able to eat the best Thai food so far. Noi cooks with vegetables from her garden and in outstanding quality. About 20 minutes on foot are hot springs, where you have to go. There you can massage until 19.00 oʻclock for a reasonable price. Alternatively, you can also order a masseuse in the accommodation and pay a small fee for their approach. Women need a sarong for the hot springs, which they can borrow from Noi. We could have endured it even longer in this retreat :) It was a very pleasant climate with Mike and Shashi.

Review TTC | Retreat | Yoga Holiday 2017

Sherry Review in chinese

Sherry Qui from China : TTC 8.01. till 5.02.2017

I really happy to finishing the 200 hours teacher training. I always learn new things everything. I regards to finished course. Thank for everyone to take care of me and have lots of patience to me. Mike and Shashi always encourage me all the time. Hope everyone can enjoy and learn about yourself, and to come this Yoga training course. I will miss this place...


Dieter Mohaupt from Schweden took part at Vipassana Retreat 29.01. till 5.02.2017

Dear Mike, dear Shashi and dear all of You participating in the yoga retreat!

Thank you for the well guided retreat. I learnt me by practising nobel silence that it is not so offending the normal behavior as I had thought befor it began. I noticed that we continued nobel silence even during lunch at satuday. I left all of You with a positiv impression. After one week that must be a result or effect of nobel silence. Otherwise groupdynamic processes had developed out of control with negative effects.
Especilly I apreciated Shashi laughing!
Thank You so much. Dieter

Dieter Mohaupt - Schweden
Jana/ Germany - Yoga Holiday 2017
Courtney/ USA: Student TTC 2017
"Beautiful location, very laid back great food. Wonderful teachers."

Bilder TTC | Retreat | Holiday 2017

Banbourtong/ Chiang Mai/ North Thailand January 2016

Review: Annet Gosens aus Breda, the Netherlands

"GaiaTreeSchool is a really nice teachers training course. Although the programme is quite tight and tough, there is still time left to relax, study or whatever you like. The place, Ban Bourton (about 45 minutes from Chiang Mai) is really nice! It is at the country side and only a 10-minutes walk to the village, it is a quiet place, surrounded by a lot of nature. The hostess named Noi is a very lovely woman and a terrific cook! Every day she surprised us with her cooking arts. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you start thinking about to become one.I can really recommend this course to everyone who is thinking of becoming a yoga teacher or everyone who wants to ʻrefindʻ themselves!"

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Feedback Hope Matthews aus Fishers, USA

"I had a wonderful experience at Gaiatreeschool! The setting was beautiful, the accommodations were rustic but clean and appropriate for the setting and atmosphere. Meals were delicious. Noi is an awesome cook and so sweet! She really makes you feel cared for. Mike was a great leader and really cared about making your experience the best it could be. I would definitely recommend going!"

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Review Braundt and Calvin from Hongkong

Hello Mike,

Thanks for the time with you, it was full of surprises and we had a great retreat. The environment was perfect, so peaceful and quiet, it was such a nice place to unwind and reconnect with nature and ourselves.
Maybe it was the chat at the very beginning that have explained us the basics and elements of yoga plus the philosophy, so it gave us a deeper understanding of what to expect. It really helped - especially the question on happiness, it made us get into our thoughts. And your patience with us in yoga too, really appreciate that.
I would say the high light of the retreat was the hot spring, banbourtong really has such an unique vibe of tranquility. It was so relaxing and nice to be washing up under moonlight . Will make sure to keep it secret.
Didnʻt have the chance to say good bye and Thankyou to you. And also thanks to the Thai ladies who drove us back to our resort, she was so nice to us even thou it was so late at night and still waited for us.
I absolutely have no complaints and would really hope to come back some day if I can take one whole month of holidays off for the yoga teacher training. Would love to see Ladakh too!

Thanks again and take care! Namaste.

Best regards,
Braundt and Calvin, Hongkong 15th January 2016

Feedback Bronte Cleo / Hongkong

"It was an awesome retreat. The location was great and the yoga center was on top of a tree house which overlooks the whole mountain range. It offered vegetarian food which was all organic and self- grown. My friend was a carnivore but he enjoyed it equally well. The yogis were very patient with us beginners, and the "ah ma" there was so nice to us, even offered us a ride back to the city. They were lovely people. Left with a grateful heart and light lit up by yoga philosophy"

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Review from TK Matsabu and Mampiti Matsabu/ Southafrica

Absolutely unreal experience. Only went for 5 days but this place helped me get in touch with my mind and body. Learned some amazing lessons I can apply to everyday and met the greatest people during my stay. Mike and Shashi are such great teachers! Namaste

Review Andreas Stibale Yoga TTC in Ladakh summer 2015

Hi Mike.
After many years of more or less regular yoga practice, it has "joined" this year for the YTTC from 01.06.2015- .28.06.2015 in Leh/ India. I had planned just by four weeks of intensive yoga practice, and the only for me. Youʻve managed to inspire me so that I have found after the very intense four weeks training little by little fun with it, itself to teach yoga. I have received in the four weeks a very challenging yoga practice through you, a very interesting anatomy lesson by Anke and a lot of help by Shashi. I gained a lot of new experiences, had a lot of yoga practice, a lot of fun and got a lot of ideas and suggestions.
Your Yoga was very challenging for me, but I never felt overwhelmed. Youʻve also shown me where my weaknesses are, and where I still need to catch up.
Even the Meditation Retreat in Choglamsar was an very good experience I would not miss.
So as a conclusion: Four very beautiful, exhausting weeks for me, very good accommodation, good tips and help, even during preparation, everything well organized. I have a very short time felt as if I am at home in Leh.
For all of you thank you again.

Andreas Stibale from Zittau

... the best gift I could give myself ...

"Gaiatreeschool yoga retreat was the perfect way to end my 2014. Spending the last 5 days of the year in silence, going within and just being with myself in the waking hours and through the meditations while nurturing the body through yoga, was the best gift I could give myself. The location of the retreat was also absolutely beautiful. It reminded me to be thankful for being alive on this beautiful Earth."
Review from Meta Setiawan (Singapoor) at the New Year retrat 2014

Recomodation also here:
Meta: mvsetiawan@gmail.com
Stefany Sproul : stefanysproul@hotmail.com

Gaiatreeschool rocks! - Roy Lange, Dänmark)

6 days Yoga and Vipassana retreat with the honoured Ajarn Mike Narada in Ban Bourtong have been a both challenging and purifying experience for both my body and mind. Ajarn Narada was mindful and attentive to both newbies and more experienced participants, so everyone learned a lot. The unique Gaiatreeschool combination of yoga and meditation was very powerful. The location – in the middle of the forest, but close to a village and hotsprings – was simply perfect. And, being a food lover, I will never forget gracious Noi and her staff, who prepared the most delicious vegetarian meals for us.
In conclusion, I am – weeks after - still really happy about this retreat experience. Hence, I can recommend this retreat to anyone, who would like to get control of her/his restless mind and a stronger, more healthy and agile body. Gaiatreeschool indeed improves and rocks you!
(Review Roy Lange, Dänemark, participat, New Year Retreat 2014/15)

contact: roylanger@gmail.com

... a magical experience - Review Tracy Javis from Seatle/ USA

The retreat in Banbourtong Thailand was truly a magical experience. I have done many yoga and meditation retreats, each are unique and each stick with you the rest of your life. This was an individual journey; a spiritual cleansing even if you are conscious of it or not. Every day life can drive you away from perspective and a retreat like this helps get you back on track. It also gives you the tools to create new habits and ways to bring more peace to every day life. Our mind is a muscle and Mike helps jump start the work out; to observe and control your daily reactions.

It is evident that Mike lives and breaths these teachings - they are rooted in wisdom and authenticity. He bring decades of experience from all over the world and from the source of yoga - India! The yoga covers all kinds of styles and is customized to the students - it is not easy that is for sure, but nothing that is worthwhile is. I am a certified yoga teacher and not only learned a lot but was challenged. We also had students that have never done yoga and they were able to successfully learn.

Learning Vipassana and taking silence for a week was obviously difficult but not at the same time. It was peaceful, and necessary to really learn and go inside. The retreat schedule was full from morning to night - from classes, to walks, to hot springs trips, to massages and fantastic food. I enjoyed the intense schedule and thoughtfulness of the flow; you can tell everything was built to teach you from the ground up, it was well structured and came from love.

The house was rustic, the location peaceful and the staff were beyond sweet. This was home for a short time but will be a life time of memories to help find our way home when we get lost.

I highly recommend considering a retreat with Mike! Thank you again for a wonder end to 2014, I am beyond grateful!

contact: tracy.jarvis2552@hotmail.com

Pictures from the New YearRetreat 2014

Present pictures from February Retreat 2014

"Gaitree Retreat beautiful nature, no tourism and hotsprings with healing power. Itʻs colder out here in the mountains of Chang Mai and at night the forest is playing a complete symphony of crickets, frogs, birds and creatures I have not yet decided what they are..." (Teilnehmer 2014: Jamie Thomas Haugheys j.haughey@upcmail.nl)

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Brigitte Rieger aus Österreich brigitterieger@gmx.at

Yoga Retreat in Banbourton March 2013

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