Vypassana and Yoga Retreat at Birkenhof in germany

Meditation and Yoga are like Yin and Yang, male and female, good and evil, life and death, a part of our dual two-United world. They complement and contradict each other.

Meditation: Vypassana - The art to live and die

Vypassana is a Buddhist meditation technique wich one can help us to observe our mind and thus to control our thoughts. With the help of our breath you learn to return to your inner peace. Two and a half days in silence, in the full awareness of your own strengths, self-healing, with no saint, Buddha, prostration, no prayers, no peek into hell, no Holy Father and not a holy chair, not a prophet, not the Son of God, no, no. You are responsible for your life. Self-awareness!

"Who has courage to embark on the challenge of AWARE to live, not to say, either continuously, not continuous with the head somewhere else than with his body, which will first of all have to open a Pandoraʻs box. Because he will find that he. Never, we say almost never, is available with both parts He lives unconsciously separated, divided, half-heartedly. Who can stand the truth will eventually whisper quiet that it really maybe three or four minutes of 16 daily waking hours there.
(From "If you meet Buddha, kill him" by Andrew Altman)

Hatha yoga - exercises

Yoga - is an ancient Indian technique, the training of body awareness and keep to balance the body and mind. At the end of the hike is the meditation. Hatha comes from Sanskrit and means as much as strength, tenacity, oppression. So we can say that Yoga is a kind of preparation for meditation. Simple and complex exercises help the body to keep it healthy and flexible. A healthy body is a prerequisite for a balanced mind. In the two and a half days of the course we practice the basic exercises of hatha yoga in a total of 5 series. The yoga classes are structured so that they are suitable for beginners and advanced students.

Noble Silence - Friday 17:30 to Sunday 14:30

Rules during the two and a half days (Vypassana - rules):

- Do not kill living beings
- Do not steal
- No sexual acts
- Do not lie
- No Drugs / No Alcohol

Clothing / Other:

- Loose clothing for meditation and yoga sessions (track suit, jogging suit)
- Blanket to cover up during the relaxation and meditation
- Personal items (socks, slippers, change of clothes, warm clothes for walking in the fresh air)
- No books, MP3 player, laptop, etc.

Scedule/ Time Table

Costs of course, room and board

(1) We charge a fee for the yoga classes total 180 Euro. Per day 90 Euro include teaching, Food and Hosting/ accomodation.

Course registration: Vypassana and yoga

Hereby, I register for the course from 20. till 22. october or 1. till 3. december 2017. . I respect the rule, as described in the tender and transfer the corresponding fees.

+49 1575 89 19638


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