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The Mahabodhi Yoga centre in the district of Leh in Chanspa is the highest in the world. Located about 3600 meters above sea level the capital Ladakh`s amid a breathtaking mountain scenery, surrounded by 7000der peaks of the Himalayas. The district Chanspa -something outside the city centre is an idyllically situated at the foot of the Shanti Stupa. It is in the sense of the word a meeting place for people from the world. Every year thousands of mountain and hiking tourists come to "Little Tibet", as the region is also referred to. Many take advantage of the peace and seclusion in the monasteries around Leh to meditate.
Yoga is for the most integral part of the travel planning. the Mahbodhi/ Gaiatree yoga centre is the largest in Leh. The spacious hall in a central location is an ideal place for beginners as well as experienced yoga students. In addition to open classes daily meditations take place. Of course, pranayama include proper breathing - it. Itʻs a good way to acclimatize in this region near the clouds so. Starting this year, there are also individual yoga - therapy - offers.

All are welcome.

Yoga & Meditation im Mahabodhi Centre in Leh/ Ladakh

From June to September is peak tourist season in Leh in the Himalayas at 3,500 meters. Here it attracts many foreigners and locals. Many of them trekking in the surrounding mountains into the Nubra Valley and Zanskar, want to experience the unique Pangon- lake in 4000 meters above sea level, or visit one of the numerous Buddhist monasteries (Gompa). More and more, but also because they want to visit Ladakh practice yoga or wish to gain an insight into the art of meditation. Probably no place in the world is better suited. the so-called "spiritual tourism" is on the rise and is strongly encouraged and supported by the Indian government. The Mahabodhi International Meditation Center - Devachan, Leh - Ladakh is a major contributor to the spread. In the immediate city centre of Leh in Chanspa is a Center for Yoga & Meditation. Here in the period from June to mid-September daily classes in yoga, as well as an evening guided meditation will be held. For more than five years now the Gaiatreeschool supporting the project. In 2012, Mike Narada worked as a yoga teacher is in Leh. There are all cordially invited. At the beginning of September, the end of the season a big Yoga Festival in the main centre in Choglamsar (10 km from Leh) instead. Last year nearly 1000 visitors came. Interesting posts and diverse opportunities around the topic of Yoga & Meditation are offered to the visitors. We provide current information on this page about the exact time and the program.

Information also http://www.mahabodhi-ladakh.org/

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