Mike Narada- Yoga ist die Kunst z7u leben

Mike Narada lebt seit 2009 in Indien. Zu Hause ist er in Zittau/ Sachsen in Deutschland. Als Mitbegründer der Gaiatreeschool Stiftung und der Vishwanedam Ashram (aus dem Sanskrit: wo das Universum wachsen) im Zentrum von Odisha, setzt er sich seit vielen Jahren für die Rechte der Adivasi / Stammes-Leute ein.. Yoga und Vipassana ist seit mehr als 20 Jahren ein fester Bestandteil in seinem Leben. In den letzten sechs Jahren hat er mit dem buddhistischen Mahabodhi Zentrum die Yoga Highschool in Leh / Ladakh im Himalaya geleitet. Jedes Jahr kommen bis zu 3.000 Schüler in seine inspirierenden Yoga- und Meditationskurse, in 3.500 Meter über dem Meeresspiegel. Seine Yoga-Kurse sind gut strukturiert und geben Zeugnis von seinen soliden Kenntnisse und Grunderfahrung.
Before I began teaching yoga, I worked as teacher in a highschool and as school founder. I’m a child of the peaceful revolution in the east part of Germany in 1989. This time conditioned me for the rest of my life. Since childhood I had a dream, a great desire. I wanted travel to India. The GDR (German Democratic Republic) was a communist country and they defend themselves with a fence. Citizens could not move outside.
The “physically liberation” came with the peaceful revolution and onward I started step by step my spiritual life. My first visit to India in 1993, was the beginning. At the same time I found the school network SCHKOLA in the political triangle German/ Czech/ Poland. Integral education in a wholesome way is the main purpose of teaching young children’s, the new generation and the only way for changing our world. The input for this came to me from insight, from intuition.

If I arrived Delhi, and when I touched the Indian earth I felt like “back home”. From now onward we spent most of our holidays and travelled together with my wife Anke and our daughter Katja in Bharata (Sanskrit- India). In India I came in contact with Yoga and started the fist level: Practising hatha yoga.
In subsequent years, I fulfilled my duties and filled my roles as husband, father, teacher, and managing director as best as I could, without losing contact to yoga. Much more strengthened was my longing, to learn more about and practice Yoga. I attended a Yoga- Vidya – Teacher- Training course, completed several studies and yoga retreats and attend numerous regulations. Gradually began the second phase: Sadhana, with more determination and focus on individual areas of yoga. I realized more and more that yoga is not only the practice of asanas. Breathing exercises and kriya became a daily practice and so
I felt that yogic lifestyle (yama / niyama/ asana/ pranayama/ dharana) influenced and touched all other areas of my life. 2009 finally, I decided to tread my way in yoga even more concentrated and we went along with my wife for three years to India. It was the second transformation for me, after the “physically liberation” in 1989. With this decision the third step starts: Yoga lifestyle- bhakti Yoga. Yoga as a life lesson also includes responsibility and compassion for others (karma Yoga). In this way we created together with Ananta, a good Indian friend, the Gaiatree Foundation and the Gaiatreeschool in Odisha. Friends from home helped us with implementation and financing. In Leh, we started at the same time with the Buddhist Mahabodhi the Yoga- Highschool and a little later arose in Banbourtong / Northern Thailand a meditation retreat centre. In the year of 2014 with friends from home we found the German non profit organisation “Gaiatreeschool e.V.”. An object of this association is the spread of Yoga in all its aspects, tradition and shapes.
This is my wish, my duty my life, my happiness and joy. Om Shanti! I thank you expressly and wholeheartedly on all of my teachers, masters and gurus. Thanks to my wife Anke, who has always supported me and all my friends, who have accompanied me on my yoga- way and support.
May all beings be happy, may all beings be peaceful, and may all beings be liberated.

Shashireka Putel - seit 5 Jahren praktiziert sie Yoga

Der 23-Jährige, Shashireka Putel (Kurz Shashi), arbeitet an der Gaiatreeschool in Odisha und unterrichtet Englisch, Mathe, Oriya und Yoga. Der Nachname Putel weißt auf ihre Herkunft auf die Kaste der Bauern. Gemeinsam mit ihren sieben Jahre jüngeren Zwillingsgeschwistern ist sie in einem kleinen Dorf in der westlichen Odishas aufgewachsen.
Um ihren größten Wunsch Yogalehrer zu werden, hat sie in den letzten Jahren mehrere Ausbildung zum Yogalehrer absolviert. Seit mehr als 6 Jahren übt sie regelmäßig Yoga und gibt Kurse in ihrer Heimat.
Vor zwei Jahren absolvierte sie ihre Ausbildung zur Yogalehrerin erfolgreich abgeschlossen und arbeitet in der Mahabodhi Zentrum als Co-Lehrer. Sie unterrichtet die Anfänger-Klassen und in Hindi / Sanskrit.

Ananta Putel

Ananta, called himself seeker of Truth and Integral Yoga practitioner since his childhood so inquest of truth he indulges himself in reading from around the world and he believes that by perpetual reading one can keep the flame of aspiration burning, develop intrinsic motivation to walk on the arduous spiritual path, enthusiastically keeps on learning every day and every moment of life which brings joy, peace and happiness in earthly life and remain young in heart and mind.
His passion is sharing of gained knowledge through experience and learning from scriptures, therefore, he conducts workshop and teachers orientation programme in various schools in India in order to strengthen Integral Education and empowering teachers. He goes to various schools, colleges, universities and spiritual communities to teach Indian yoga systems like Patanjali Yoga Aphorisms, Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga, vedantic philosophy and Buddhism.

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